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Category: Love

Third anniversary.

Hi Grandma!   Today is your third anniversary and it’s so cold! Every time I write you I always start…

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Intentionally romantic.

I always find the verse ‘cattle on a thousand hills’ romantic; romantic in the sense of the dreamy image that…

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Life and love.

I have a friend who talks/chats like he’s addressing a political party gathering. There is a possibility that he plans…

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One year on.

Hi Grandma, I cannot believe it’s been a year since you left us. 365 days gone without you around, Men!…

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To be.

It’s mid- morning and the weather is chilly with a mood. A grumpy mood, possibly like the one the Israelites…

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Growing up I never really understood attachment. For instance why my dad would go to towni (Meru town) on a…

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I first met Facebook when I was at this phase where my social life was an uncertain shade of white.Straight out…

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So long grandma.

My grandma died on a Thursday. See, even in death grandma knew not how to impose. At 9 am a…

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The Love

The other day I and the last born of my mother were musing at our high school deeds. We couldn’t…

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The epic fail of the bougainvillea flower

It’s like we just knew how to choose them wrong; deadpan, surly, and cantankerous.  The ones who walked with emotions…

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