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There’s a song by Tye Tribbet that’s titled what I can do, (without the question mark). The lyrics start on…

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Its an ebook!

Here’s what happens when you ask a few of your friends to write with you on the theme of love….

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Kwa macho.

The swing vote in Kithatu village had always been carried by the women. While men met at the shopping centre…

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The Gong.

Assume you are meeting client X for a sales pitch. The receptionist buzzes your Panasonic telephone and, lets your know…

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Rebirth – The Review

You know those food joints you walk into and find a block of meats rotating seductively on a spit? You…

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Sponsor wanted.

She sits in a small kitchen that doubles as living room. Smoke is billowing from a fire she has just…

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Pyramid scheme.

  Once i was involved in a pyramid scheme, kindly let us remain seated, Hehe. Now, before we tie our…

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From Bahrain 2.0

The kingdom of Bahrain is a member of gulf cooperation council. Bahrain is an island nation currently serviced by the…

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Smoke screen

You are a strapping young lad in your twenties and you have almost everything going for you, well at least…

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Le slap

There is a scene in Rango the animation where sheriff Rango slaps a woman of dirt town so hard she…

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