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Recently I watched an interview that left me entertained and educated in equal measure. The interview was on Inooro TV…

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Scales of muscle and power.

  The saddest day of my life should have been the day I stepped into St Peters. It took place…

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Life and love.

I have a friend who talks/chats like he’s addressing a political party gathering. There is a possibility that he plans…

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From Bahrain 2.0

The kingdom of Bahrain is a member of gulf cooperation council. Bahrain is an island nation currently serviced by the…

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Mama, I am stuck between a rock and a rail, The tunnel is shut mama, no light through, My life…

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From Bahrain.

When my word press blog account turned one, word press made a fuss about it. They sent me a flowery,…

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Lessons from Orlando’s

You always remember the first time you understood your family’s financial situation. Always. I was about four, my younger brother…

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Generally, I think we all underrate Facebook, (long thoughtful pause), for the sake of consensus, twitter too, Hehe. When we…

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You know them; those guys you pass by at that mobile phone shop next to Kenya Cinema. People you will…

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Please pass me the whisky.

A few years ago my fashion savvy auntie went out shopping for my late grandma.  Grandma hadn’t asked for a…

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