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Dear son of David. Son of David, you know still I can’t believe that all these days I have never…

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I hardly ever use big words in conversation. Big words in the sense of their constant use in talk. For…

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I find Kikuyu fascinating, compelling even, you?  On second thought, let’s leave this out for a minute to dry.  From…

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The sato plan.

  Lately, I have been intending to write but then somewhere between the intention and the deed, I run into…

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Of some Christian writing.

In all honesty you could possibly muster, what runs through your mind when you encounter one reading a book titled,…

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So how cool is your prayer?

Just what would you do for something/someone that you really like? Die? Live? Catch a falling star? Humour me a…

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An altar of remembrance.

If I keep this up, there is a good chance I shall develop a bulge at my nape, I keep…

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Run for the bible less.

My siblings and I grew up in a moderately religious family. To mean we hardly sat on the same row…

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The Love

The other day I and the last born of my mother were musing at our high school deeds. We couldn’t…

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Theme Launch.

For me, nothing truly accentuates the faithfulness of God like an elderly person who constantly talks of the Lord’s goodness,…

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