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What would it take to sing like these guys? I ask. Well, musical vocal chords. But then how do I…

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Me to the steak: Hi, how are you? Steak: Am piping hot, fat and salted. Me: Oooh I can see…

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Hot comb.

I first encountered the hot comb while I was in form 2. On a closing day a few classmates asked…

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  As a young girl when I erred in ways that could easily be corrected by caning, I would be…

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Random late afternoon, say 4 Pm its play time. Today’s game is salon, thus the playmates take turns at the…

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Camera man: Say cheese! (Camera shutter makes a click sound as it closes after taking the picture, a bit of…

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(Cameraman to the big green fruit) Hi, what’s your name? Big green fruit: My name is Cherry. Cameraman: Cherry? That’s…

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(The ground to the heel of this shoe-owner in a soft hum) ‘When will I see you again?’ (Heel ignores…

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Cameraman: Whoa! Roll! You are hanging out here while everyone is looking for you? Roll: Who’s everyone? Cameraman: Mmmh let’s…

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Cameraman: So is there anything you are struggling with right now? Pair: (After a thoughtful pause) Mmmh today am struggling…

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