Hi Grandma!


Today is your third anniversary and it’s so cold! Every time I write you I always start by mentioning the weather. Well, your anniversary falls in July which is cold every year. So I guess this will always be our way of cracking the ice hehe, tongue in cheek. It hasn’t started snowing yet ‘cracking the ice’ is just my way of sounding wise, wise crack hehe, i will stop now. So how have you been? I miss you.

For some reason I didn’t recall it was your anniversary until this morning while going to work (Sic). Do you remember that day you came to visit me in boarding school? I had been to boarding school for roughly a month.  You came early around 11 O’clock arriving before mum. I recall you had brought me chicken soup in your green flask. The one flask you used to store your chocolate drink in at home. You also brought Soda; three or four 500 ml bottles. I remember them because back then soda was a huge deal. Of greater importance I remember them because they spelled love. We sat down on the field and talked, honestly I don’t recall what we talked about. One thing was clear though we didn’t talk about school.

Mum came in a little later. I don’t know but knowing you, you might have said something to her with regards to time being the mother you were. In her defense she had to walk a long distance with two little children while carrying food stuff which explained why she came a little later. You were stern but never a bully, you would know to be gentle with your daughter.

I remembered this incident early in the morning while coming to work and I felt warm and happy. I thought to write you this.  It’s cold today as earlier mentioned. The sun comes out for a few minutes each day and then goes away as suddenly it comes on.

I remember while in school you told us you signed your pay cheques like everyone else. The only difference was that instead of using just your hand you did it with your whole body while working in your farm. The lesson here was that you didn’t want us signing our pay cheques like you did. I have a 8-5 job as a cashier which means i sign my cheques while seated, i wonder if its the alternative you had in mind grandma. In hindsight that was really wise/sound advice, grandma.

You always had these anecdotes that now make real sense to me, back then they were just stories you told us. Remember the one about the son who bit his mother’s earlobe for not correcting him? I still find it hilarious.

I recall you had a highly dramatic farm hand from Chuka called Gitonga. Remember that day you threatened to fire him and in reply he reminded you that you couldn’t possibly fire him even if you tried?

Growing up I assumed he was part of the extended family. The reason I thought so was because you never treated him like a laborer (as evidenced by that crude retort from him). Your children respected him and did not order him around. He ate the meals we ate; he sat and shared his family tales with us like we were family. In the greater sense he was family, feels like what you wanted.

Grandma lately am into sugarless tea, especially with the introduction of Mercury to the product. Mercury is an impurity that shouldn’t go anywhere near food yet its manufacturers don’t seem to care. How do I put to you this in a more relatable form? Do you remember that day uncle brought you the new golden fry oil? The oil manufacturers had introduced this ingenious way of covering the mouth of the oil jerrycan with a foil, possibly to prevent spillage while on transit. You dedicated a whole afternoon to scrape the foil off the jerrycan.

Your reasoning was that it would be very dangerous if the foil got into the cooking oil and eventually into food. I thought you were keen and meticulous. So the mercury in this case is like the foil cooked into the food, make sense grandma?

Grandma you know when am old I want to be just like you. I can’t put a finger to the one thing but I like to be the whole of you, I don’t know if it’s too much to ask. On some days I completely lose the course by doing things that aren’t right. Some other days activities crowd me I let everything slip but when I come back, I always think to myself what would grandma do?

My locks! Grandma they have blossomed. I feel like you would still have trouble accepting this hairstyle if you were around hehe. I want to go dye them burgundy which is a shade of maroon. It will look real good grandma. In addition it will put me in the cool gang category.

Girls with natural hair are generally considered cool, so if I throw in color I will probably look daring. Like those girls who say ’whatvs’ instead of whatever. Grandma I know this is not a thing to aspire to but still, hehe. All am saying is that am liberated enough not to be tied down by society dogma so if I want to dye hair, that’s what I will do. ‘Gota grandma’, hehe. I feel like we should have a secret handshake. You don’t think so? Okay cool hehe.

The other day I listened to a sermon from the book ‘songs of Solomon’. Grandma you literally have listened to more sermons than I, I wonder if you heard one from this book. Grandma I see you shy away and try to avoid talking about this Song of Solomon, hehe. I understand in your church you possibly avoided this book as we do in ours. Still I will share with you what I learnt.

This story actually happened; King Solomon was in love with this Shulamite woman. This woman’s hands are calloused and she’s dark-skinned, hakuwa ametoa tint (Here, I laugh loudly at this own joke as you stare at me in a weird way). In the beginning of chapter one she goes out and confesses some love things to the King, they include but not limited to; Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.

After the confession the Shulamite woman pauses and sort of stands at a distance afraid that the king wouldn’t be drawn to her dark-skin and callous hands. Instead, king is charmed by her and tells her as much confessing in chapter 4:9 ‘You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace’. Pretty cool grandma right?

The take home from the sermon was that we are like this Shulamite woman sinful, calloused and on some days we truly don’t feel like we deserve a love like that of our God the King. Like king Solomon God is telling us we had him at the first glance and he wants us to come to him with this daring confidence. I thought this sermon was really good grandma.

Grandma this post is long! But then I only do it because I love you grandma. In addition if we were talking we would say so much more.

Warm happy regards.




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