There’s a song by Tye Tribbet that’s titled what I can do, (without the question mark). The lyrics start on the 23rd second in a soft confident voice. A voice that makes it sound like Tye has several options to pick from, though in reality he has little to none. In each of the four times he asks his voice doesn’t tend to desperation though punctuated with urgency. Somewhere along he gets into the enchanting chorus that you can’t help but hum along to. Cool song, listen to it some time.

This was cucu Edith’s a few months back, I doubt she knows of Tye Tribbet though his style she’s familiar with. Her story is laid out here in Sponsor wanted. In a nutshell she was in search of a financial helper to cater for the needs of her grand kids.

Cucu Edith didn’t say this but by her demeanor we agreed she wanted decent help. If a rich man came to us and offered help only if cucu Edith listened to his jokes, she would looked deep into our eyes and said a confident no.

If some white guys offered to adopt the kids instead of helping her she would have spit in her handkerchief and declined their offer. Cucu Edith wanted honest men or women who would transact with her in broad daylight, people her grand kids would trust, people who would stand on their promise.

So we shared her request with men and women we knew/know and asked them if they wanted to take up the sponsor challenge. Some shuddered at the question because they thought we were trying to hook up an old grandma, hehe. A few said they would think about it while others helped.

One such person is Sir Johnson Macharia who happens to come from Nyeri, cucu Edith’s county. He saw the post on twitter and sent me a message asking if we had found cucu the help she needed. Of greater importance he wanted to know if the story was true, granted the number of scammers online. I nodded in affirmation to his queries and he said he would get back.

To get back he said he’d talked to the area women rep who promised to help out. The short story to this narration is that finally Edith’s grandson got a bursary from the CDF kitty.

He was awarded a partial bursary that catered for 60% of the annual fees.

Of all the sponsors Edith could have, she landed the great government of Kenya, hehe, which we cannot afford to belittle.

So I talked to Sir Johnson and asked why he felt the need to help and he sent me this;

Helping has always been my passion. Having been raised in a modest home, I always try to help children who lack school fees. Whatever the circumstances children are always innocent and thus shouldn’t be victims.

I found the article ‘SPONSOR WANTED” on twitter. I must say that the title drew me, because you don’t always find anyone announcing their need for sponsorship, especially with the new/edited meaning of sponsorship. I read it and felt the need to do something about it.

In my view Edith’s story shouldn’t have gotten this far considering there are neighbors close to her, also the area chief should have stepped in and helped, you know in an effort at being our brother’s keeper

Cucu shouldn’t face these challenges as leaders watch and play their dirty politics. If you drew a comparison as to Edith’s needs and what the area MP spends daily it would shock you. Edith needs say 5,000 for upkeep which in the MP’s expenses is considered miscellaneous.


At the end of the day we did get help, which is what we applaud today.


Johnson writes at


To Ma’am Priscilla Nyokabi, thank you for all your help! On twitter she’s @wakilinyokabi



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