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Life and love.

I have a friend who talks/chats like he’s addressing a political party gathering. There is a possibility that he plans to launch an entry into politics and come rescue us someday or that he just is charismatic. Each time I listen to him intently and hope he doesn’t punctuate his addresses with ‘ama namna gani dada? Or ooiyee!’ to which he would expect that i nod furiously or clap so hard my palms hurt.

Our typical conversation goes something like;

Letting: Hello my friend?

I: Hi Letting,

L: How are you doing?

I: Good thanks, you?

L: Same old, same old my friend. How’s slavery? (This term he uses to describe my employee status).

I: No complains, did I tell you we got a new water dispenser? It’s blue and almost matches the drapes though we think it’s monotonous.

L: We bless the Lord my friend (Emoji with a Halo).

Usually he signs off with ‘talk to you soon my friend’ or he reaches to his deep reservoir of Tupac Shakur’s quotes and hands me a revolutionary one before he runs off to prosper in his animal feeds business.

Being an animal feeds expert kinda makes Letting an animal chef. And what’s the one thing we all know about chefs? It’s that they are the warmest people on planet earth well, with the exception of that guy in Hell’s kitchen.

A chef realizes food is a basic need and does well not to pick supremacy battles that would consequently have everyone’s knickers in a twist when we line up for a plate.

Instead they do their job silently and joyfully. They smile broadly, pat their meters of girth and look the other way when we mount our plates with embarrassing portions at the buffet. And they don’t judge the lost amongst us who decide to sprinkle starter soup on the copious amounts on their plates. Cool guys.

A bull deep in the bowels of Kapsoit possibly never knew true love until he was fed on Letting’s meals. When the meal was first introduced to him, there is a chance he was chewing on some stem, while thinking nothing would ever taste better.

When its owner poured the meal in a container and pushed it towards the bull, he ignored it and continued sucking life out of the stem. After he was done with the stem he decided to go have a look at the container and its contents, he put his moist nostril in the container and immediately hated the foreign smell.

Notwithstanding the smell he nibbled on the meal and when the first pellets hit his palate he stood still. For a moment he could not think of anything sweeter. He then went down on the container and cleaned it up

From that day on, the bull salivated when its feeding  container was held by the owner, when he saw sacks with the logo of LESSOS feeds, he stood and paid homage to Sir’s letting’s product. This is true love; unconditional, undemanding and one without a leash. Love for Letting the animal chef.

The creator of such a meal would know a thing about love, don’t you think?

So I asked if he would be willing to do a post on Valentines and he replied;

‘I will see what I can do my friend’

On this auspicious day Letting writes to us on love.

He possibly was thinking of the animals when he wrote it, but we shall take the post for safe keeping, just like our parents took money given to us while were kids and kept it on our behalf. Hehe.

“Birds of the same feathers flock together,” But what of love? Does it require two birds as well?

What I know is two souls that care and appreciate each other unconditionally, two minds (not heads) that don’t necessarily need to think alike; but just be there for each other when it comes to matters of thought- is what is probably essential for love to thrive and manifest therein.

With love, the world is such a beautiful place. Love paints all things in a wonderful and amazing way; it can change a situation from worst to better, from better to the best. A bitter and a cold soul can be melted by this virtue.

People go places; people do strange things in the name of love. Impossibilities are overcome; villages, towns and cities are transformed beyond our imaginations. Love creates and instills equality.

And YES! A day of love, a day to remind us of its wonderfulness, a day to let us paint the world in red… Be it flowers; roses as most people do.

Although I find it strange for people to dress in red on the fourteenth of February all in the “Name” of love. Love, in my opinion is not about a day, love is not about lilies and roses neither is it about teddy bears and gifts, or parties and drinks or shopping and outings.

Love is what we live every day, what we breath, what we do how we hold- not only those who are dear to our hearts but also ‘wenye wako chini’, that helpless child, that homeless person; on a day to day basis. How we talk to them when we’re on top of the world, when we have it all.

I find Valentines a scapegoat from or everyday shortcomings, from our daily blindness on the beauty that life presents to us. Every day is a gift and so we ought to it so as love binds and makes all ugly and blurred things beautiful and bright.

Give the best each day as long as it is within your limits. Let your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or even your friend wish and dream for another day with you. Make them have reason to smile.

I don’t intend to complete this piece for love is endless.

Share and live love.








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