What would it take to sing like these guys? I ask. Well, musical vocal chords. But then how do I get that kind of vocal chords? I further query myself. Then imagine we are at the creation conveyor belt and am right behind the Pentatonix group.

The Lord is working with angel Gabriel on this day, on seeing these guys the Lord goes;

Who do we have here!

‘It’s the cuties from Texas’, angel Gabriel replies

Oh in that case pass me the vocal chords jar to your left, the Lord instructs angel Gabriel

Angel Gabriel reaches for the top shelf, and the Lord interrupts him

No, not the steel ear drums jar get the white container.

Angel Gabe: Did you say steel eardrums? Who would want those?

The Lord: Gabe can you keep a secret? Oh yea hI remember you kept Mary’s until Joseph   freaked out and almost caused a stir.

Can you believe that guy? Anyway do you see that dark skinned girl behind                             these Texas cuties? She will need these.

Angel Gabe: What for?

The Lord: Gabe, you do not want to know the drama she’s going to reel out with these back   in her village in the Christmas of 2016.

She will listen to the Texas cuties over and over and over and then she will think she will have learnt the song. Then on the 25th she will go to her church and ask to make a presentation. She will present this song; sorry she will do a rendition of it.

Angle Gabe: Oh men, then why does she need steel ear drums?

The Lord: So she can use them to hear herself sing the rendition. Then she will pray asking for a change in hobbies and i shall give her something more practical like farming.

Angel Gabe: Ooh you are good.

The Lord: All the time.

Angel Gabe: No, I meant it as a complement.

The Lord: I knew that.

Merry Christmas!

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