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Hot comb.


I first encountered the hot comb while I was in form 2. On a closing day a few classmates asked if I wanted to go with them for hot comb at Marimanti (this is a kimeru name feel at liberty to shrub it, Hehe) I said yes.

One girl came from near the school and she knew a hot comb guru. We thus implicitly christened her leader and followed her lead in our quest for good-looking hair.

She kept changing routes seeing as she was trying to hide from her relatives. We played along; running with our bags behind banana plantations, lying down in trenches amongst other hiding tactics Hehe.

Soon we got to the homestead of the hair expert. Our leader stepped forward and explained the reason for our visit. The hair lady then eyed us; a price was negotiated and a deal was struck.

Part of the deal was that we would light up her jiko as part of the consideration. We happily grabbed the jiko and lit in record time. The hair guru then appeared armed with her tools of trade, the enigmatic hot comb, blue baby jelly, a broken piece of a mirror and
a stool.

Our leader friend went first and we cringed each time her kinky hair came into contact with the sizzling hot comb. Then we aaaawed when we saw the transformation of her kinky hair into straight strands of hair. The rest of us followed suit. We profusely thanked the hair lady, paid the rest of the consideration and left with promises of coming back.

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