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Side hustle.

In school I learnt that the income that we earn is either saved or consumed, something like y=c+s, Where Y is for income, C for Consumption and S for saving. Economics 101, Disclaimer; This unit thoroughly kicked my ass in school do not let the small equation lead you to think otherwise, though I try (titters).

 How the income is spread out between consumption and saving is mainly dependent on the individual. In my world there is always a fiasco whenever Y is around for he whisks C off to far and exotic places, leaving S sulking in a corner. S being the princess that she is always claims she can never chase Y because after all she will be responsible for future wealth creation. I always hear Y scornfully tell S that she should remember the 200 bob that is deducted and remitted to her even before C gets wind of existence of Y ( read Nssf contribution) to which S replies that if all is needed in future is the meagre deduction thus everyone can go hang! Jesus these two clearly haven’t heard of the bible verse that how beautiful it is when brothers and sisters live in peace, for there the Lord commands a blessing. In the interest of peace and blessings I thus went on a part time hustle.

The search ultimately lead me to Wanjohi Roadside international food court. It is always said there is so much in a name; Wanjohi is the owner, whose business is located on a roadside and he wants to take its culinary ideas to the ends of the earth, quite ambitious you would think. Court is a little misplaced here but a merchant can only try so much to impress. Sir Wanjohi is one shrewd merchant who never underwent the rigorous business management and other business skills but runs his enterprise like a pro, even when he does things wrong. To him no business opportunity should ever go to waste, he is also an ardent practitioner of the idiom ‘the end justifies the means’.

I previously had encountered Wanjohi on several evenings while finishing up on an assignment from work. On these days I would order a cup of coffee that I would sip on for a couple of hours with a constant ‘kuchomelewa requests. This is a code name for a free refill works the same way as ‘Saucer’ Legally one is allowed one kuchomelewa round but for i personally knew the waiters these kept flowing in much to the irk of Sir Wanjohi. As I carried my resume to his office I silently prayed he had forgotten and most importantly forgiven the misdemeanour. Clearly we do serve a God who answers our prayers for as I stepped into his office he broke into a wide grin as he ushered me in.  After the exchange of pleasantries I let him know that I would like to offer my services as a cashier, to which he replied he was doing just fine, ultimately crushing my plan A, but thank God for the alphabet runs from A to Z I switched to plan B and Z which was telling him how much potential lay in his business if only he employed the right management skills. Here I invoked speeches of great men in history like Malcolm X, ‘Yes you can’, Plato, Socrates to mention but a few. Turns out Sir Wanjohi was a genie in a bottle all you had to do was to rub him the right way  and  he was out with an employment agreement.

We are yet to settle on my roles and duties for he insists there one should maximize their potential. This statement is very open ended thus I keep my fingers crossed. I shall keep you posted on the duties assigned, off to my cashier duties.

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